The Beginning of my New Life in Christ, Part 1

Contributed by Gary

I entered the United States Navy in June of 1975. In July of 1975 I gave my life to Christ.

I was stationed at the Boot Camp in San Diego, California. My sister had sent me a bible and I didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t know that she had become a Christian a year earlier. Her and her friends had been praying for me during that time and while I was in boot camp.

As you can imagine, bootcamp can be quite a trying time for most all recruits. It doesn’t just take a physical toll on you, but a mental one too. Learning to take orders without question and loose your identity and getting knocked a few pegs down on a daily basis is tough. Continue reading The Beginning of my New Life in Christ, Part 1

The Name of God

When people hear “Jehovah’s Witness” they instantly think of the nice folks that go banging on doors super early on Saturday mornings. Most people, however, never take the time to consider the name Jehovah. In fact, there are Christians that probably don’t even know that Jehovah is one of the formal names given to God. It is mentioned in all forms and versions of the Christian Bible. To be more specific, it is mentioned in one of its many forms. In ancient Hebrew it was written as YHWH. Since there were no vowels in that language it was later assumed that God’s name was pronounced Yahweh. There are some spellings that are even shorter, for example: YHW. Continue reading The Name of God

What is God?

We humans have an understanding that things that are created must have a creator. Furthermore, we have always realized that there is a world, within our world, that is so tiny we can barely see it. With those two notions being accepted by the reader, then it is easy to see how mankind has always looked for a) a creator and b) something much bigger than ourselves (physically and metaphysically).  Continue reading What is God?

Experiences Come in Many Forms

Whether you see God or Jesus in your dream, in your day dreams or actually in person, these are all considered experiences and that is how God communicates with us.

In Biblical times God would communicate with many bona-fide. He would speak to them in various ways and they would deliver his word to the masses. Some of the profits  were Moses, David, Jeremiah and Isaiah. There are many more. Continue reading Experiences Come in Many Forms

Hello World! This Blog Mission Statement

Having been on Earth for about forty five years now, I have heard some amazing personal experiences (and had my own) in the way of God and Christ. I started this blog so that people can read about some of these experiences and even share their own.

Experiences have been known to be very personal and solo and yet there are other experiences, like those at Fatima, that involve a multitude of experiencers.

So, if you have come to this blog looking for inspiration from others or are looking to share your very own, welcome! My name is Brad. I run this blog. Feel free tor each out to me anytime.