Visions of Heaven While Falling Asleep

Religious experiences can be very personal and maybe they are intended to be that by the almighty. But I have this blog so I figured I would share a recent experience. Also, people often search the internet for such experiences as proof that people are having them.

A few nights ago I was finally starting to fall asleep after being awake for 24 hours. I had a terrible spell of insomnia, something I’ve dealt with most of my life. The feeling is awful. You are completely exhausted both mentally and physically but your brain will simply not shut off. Even when you are finally able to start drifting off to sleep there is a real uneasiness.

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Right when I started drifting off on this night I had a very vivid series of images pop into my head. They were very clear. The first image was of an outline of the face of Jesus. It sort of looked like the imprint on the Shroud of Torin but the etching was just slightly light blue against a dark background, like the sky at night.

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The very next image which flashed was the universe with all its stars. There were thousands of stars of all colors. The third image was even much more sharp and sent a jolt where I physically reacted, sort of like that jolt you get when you feel like you are falling when drifting off to sleep and also because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and how clear it was.

That third image was glorious. I was looking straight ahead at a huge city made entirely of clouds. There were angels all around. I was at a distance but I could make them out. They were humanoid shape and were wearing long light blue robes. I didn’t see wings. Some were playing horns. They were all facing toward the center. Suddenly, I saw a refresh of the image, like I was zooming in. There, I saw a human shaped being but where his head should be was a bright light. You could not see his face. It is apparent to me that this was God.

Finally, I saw one more image and it was the universe again. Beautiful and sharp. Full of colors. I said a prayer and thanked God for that vision and fell asleep shortly after.

I figured I would share this with you dear reader. God is there. He is ruling over the universe. The only way to him is through Jesus. Heaven exists and it is full of angels who are happy to be in his presence. They glorify him all the time.


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