What Do We See When We Die?

I know all of us have heard the stories of NDS’s (near death experiences) where people see a light. Sometimes they recall seeing a dark tunnel with light at the end. Other times people will recount how they actually visited heaven or even hell in some cases.

Scientists have explained these end-of-life experiences as natural phenomenon associated with shock. Or they explain it as the brain hallucinating as it is being deprived of oxygen. Well, people pass out all the time for lack of oxygen or blood to the brain and they do not wake back up with tales of seeing deceased relatives or tours of Heaven. But I digress.

Recently, I was made aware of a website which uses a Google invented AI engine to create an image based on whatever you type in. The site is called craiyon.com. Naturally, my mind went to fullest and farthest edges of what this AI might be capable and I typed in the very question which is the title of this blog. I wanted to share the images which came back. I found them very interesting.

This one is interesting. I typed in “life after death” and got some very eerie pics back. But they are not creepy. Is this what we might see when we become spirit? I do like the first image which showed up. The cross would be a welcoming site for me.

This one is a little more intense. Several of these looks like what we might see if we are sent to hell. That is terrifying. Lord, I hope I don’t see these when I die.


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