When to Pray

when do you pray?Many people, and I have been guilty of this before too, only pray when things are going poorly for them. They usually ask for help from almighty God. But, I have found that praying and giving thanks is just as important when things are going very well.

It is definitely a rewarding experience to thank the creator of all things for the blessings he has bestowed upon us. I often thank him for creating this universe and allowing me to take part in it. I then pray that I really hope to join the Lord in the afterlife through Jesus Christ.

Praying allows you to reflect on your existence and behaviors from an almost third party viewpoint. You can analyze your actions of that day and ask for forgiveness for the bad ones. This in turn will help you be more mindful the next time you are faced with similar situations.

Even a secular psychologist may admit the healthy period of reflection and mindfulness which is created by praying.

So, how often do you pray? Do you pray when things are good? Or only when they are bad? These are good questions to ask yourself. I also believe there is power in a good old-fashioned kneeling beside the bed from time to time to show the creator respect.

Pray all the time. Pray every day. Pray multiple times per day. It is never too much to show the good Lord that you are thankful and that you are tuned in.

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