An Amazing and Powerful Personal Experience

by Gary

Grand Island Nebraska, 1980. At this time I was in my apartment…

It was quite late at night and I was getting ready to go to bed. I had sat at the base of my bed and started to pray with intercession. I had been praying for some time and then prayed this prayer as I started to fall asleep:

“Lord, cover me with your full armor. Clothe me with the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the swiftness of your sandles, the shield of faith to deflect the fiery darts of the evil one, the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is Your word. Lord also surround me with Your angels for protection and in some way, use me tonight.”

All of a sudden I heard terrified screams and I got up and looked around to see if I could find where the screams were coming from. I couldn’t find the source so I walked back to my bedroom and sat back down at the base of my bed trying to figure it out and started to pray again.

I felt a huge surge of power shoot through me and watched as I saw my spirit leave my body. It was a beautiful transparent body that glowed like a 100 watt light bulb. I watched my myself fly above the earth like a jet plane. I came to a stop in front of a building. I was a good one foot above the ground. I passed through the door and entered the dwelling. As I went across the room I heard the screaming coming from the other side of a bedroom door.

I pushed the door open and a man was reaching into his son’s crib and picked him up. The man’s wife was standing next to him. In the room in front of them stood a most horrifying looking demon and it was walking toward them. As the door was opening the light from my body was very bright and the people looked and saw me. The demon also saw me and threw its hands in front of it’s face to shield itself from the light. There was a look of terror in it’s face. I raised my arm and pointed at it and said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you back to the pit from whence you came and be bound there never to return. The demon threw itself backwards and crashed into the wall, its arms flailing in front of its face trying to hide from the light. I would liken the expression on it’s face to a person standing in the middle of the highway watching as a semi truck was ready to strike it. I had to rebuke this demon three times as it was very powerful and then it went through the wall running backwards with it hands still trying to hide its face from the radiant light and then it vanished.

The people had seen this all transpire and then turned to me with a face of astonishment. I was still floating about a foot off the floor and glowing with the radiant light. They stood there and looked at me for about 15 seconds and then I left. I would guess that they probably thought they had seen an angel in the room that night. I can still see there faces and feel the sense of awe that overtook them. I then again saw myself shoot above the earth and come back into my room. I saw my spirit come back into my body. All I could do is sit in awe and silence for a while and then thanked God for having used me as an intercessor that night. I went into a peaceful sleep.

God uses the lives of those who avail themself to him. God will use the contrite of heart who have the faith of the little child. Don’t ever underestimate what the God of Heaven can use you for in this world. Trust him with your whole heart. Don’t lean on your own understanding because you will never be able to see what the Creator is capable of using you for.

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