Fearing God – What Does it Mean?

Walk with GodI was going for my nightly walk through the wooded and sandy trails of nature while listening to a video on Youtube. Sometimes, you don’t have to actually watch the videos as they are great for listening while doing other activities at the same time. Anyhow, this particular video is from a preacher named Francis Chan. He is on my radar because I watched some of his videos on Right Now Media, a free Christian media service.

Anyway, my opinion on Francis is this: He is empowered by the Holy Spirit. He speaks with such conviction and certainty he must be. I also think that he isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. I think the way he is able to speak to young people, in their own cadence, is a gift. Continue reading Fearing God – What Does it Mean?

Welcome to my Christian Experiences Blog

I felt compelled to create this blog to document my own journey of life in regards to my experiences of God and Jesus Christ. Perhaps others seeking testimony about God and Christ may find it useful.

I was not brought up in church. In fact, as far as I know, my parents were athiest or agnostic. My grandmother took my brothers and I to church several times as kids but we were busy goofing around and never paid much attention.

But, I have always felt the presence of God. I’ve known he was there from my earliest memories. I even remember writing him letters and stashing them behind my dresser as a little kid, maybe 7 years old, hoping he would read them.

After my mom died when I was 14 years old, I had a very powerful dream where God revealed himself to me. It was astonishing experience. Continue reading Welcome to my Christian Experiences Blog