What is God?

We humans have an understanding that things that are created must have a creator. Furthermore, we have always realized that there is a world, within our world, that is so tiny we can barely see it. With those two notions being accepted by the reader, then it is easy to see how mankind has always looked for a) a creator and b) something much bigger than ourselves (physically and metaphysically). 

Throughout the world there are many different versions of what God actually is. But a large majority of people in the world agree that there is a supreme being of some sort. Even non-believers will usually admit that it is possible that there is a God. Up to 84% of humans on Earth believe that there is a god (ref: Wash Times).

So, what is God? Some new age hoopla or Hollywood mind poison would have you believe something like “God is what you want him to be.” or “every man is God”. In my opinion that is a narcissistic way to look at God. A God is the source of everything. A God is the creator and mastermind of everything. And by applying an assumed bit of logic here, there are rules that God imposes, that if followed, actually should result in a happier and healthier life. In my opinion this life is about God first and yourself second.

I am no expert on religions. I have not read the Koran nor have I read the Torah. I have read the Christian Bible. My parents did not take us to church one single time as kids. So, the search for God has been a very autonomous one for me. My grandmother did take us to church from time to time but that probably  a total of 10 times in ten years.

I had my moments of atheism because of some tragedy in my life. But those moments never last long.. mostly because I could feel the spirit knocking at my door, so to speak. The energy of God has always been around me. I remember once, as a little kid, maybe four years old, I was making a #2 in the bathroom and was by myself in the total quiet. But I didn’t feel alone at all. I felt like there were eyes on me. Not human eyes. I felt like spirits were around and that there was one single powerful god commanding everything. It is one of my earliest memories. And it is as vivid to this day as it was 34 years ago.

In human terms, God is the creator. But since we are limited in language and understanding of everything, it is my opinion we cannot put into words what God really is. In my mind, imagine a force so powerful and good that if you were to cast your eyes upon him every molecule in your body would radiate uncontrollably. But again, I am trying to put into words something I cannot.

In summation, I would like to say that it is in my opinion that God is our creator and we must worship him. He is the Christian God and that Jesus, his son, did die for us 2000 years ago (which is a blink of an eye in God years).

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