Experiences Come in Many Forms

Whether you see God or Jesus in your dream, in your day dreams or actually in person, these are all considered experiences and that is how God communicates with us.

In Biblical times God would communicate with many bona-fide. He would speak to them in various ways and they would deliver his word to the masses. Some of the profits  were Moses, David, Jeremiah and Isaiah. There are many more.

Since god is omni and ever present, he has the ability to communicate with everyone and anyone who opens their heart to him.  I myself have seen God in multiple dreams and most recently saw Jesus in a waking vision. I woke up and was fully awake and saw the crucifixion taking place like it was real-time and live. I will save that story for another more detailed blog post.

That shiver you get down your spine and the warmth you feel when you do something charitable; that goose bump inducing feeling you get when speaking of God and of good deeds, these things are the warmth of the Holy Spirit.  I used to fight those feelings because I thought they were corny and it appeared weak to tear up. But now I fully embrace happy hearted tears. And that feeling you get is just an ounce of the bliss that is heaven and being near God the creator.

Experiment with it yourself. Watch a heartwarming story of charity and when you feel the chills and glow, don’t fight it, invite it. Let it flow through you. Here is a movie I suggest watching. My friend Jean-Michel suggested it to me some time ago. It is great.

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