Holy Dream from Last Night

Contributed by Brad

I had a dream I traveled domestically and when I came back to my home airport I had then accidentally got on a flight that took me far overseas. I was panicked to say the least. The people on the plane were trying to comfort me and did a good job.

Finally somehow, I ended up in the Middle East and I was trying to find my way back. The airport resembled more of a children’s circus than an actual airport.  I was with a young woman who I could not quite identify (You know how dreams are, they fill in some blanks later). We were then taking a tram of some sort. A guy overheard our conversation and said he would help. The girl had to go somewhere else and it was just he and I in the train car. The were no doors in this tram car and they were small. They would fit 6 people max, like a theme park ride.

Suddenly, I look in the background and saw a huge towering church steeple, but it was indoors. I was overcome with the powerful feeling of God himself and began to cry in happiness. There was a super bright light up high. The guy with me, his demeanor changed and he said “its alright, let it out.” Afterward, he agreed to drive us to some of the areas holiest areas for money. We agreed. 

I thought we were in the Middle East so I asked about Jerusalem and Israel. He said those places were too far and that were were actually in Italy. “Italy is very blessed with Holy locations” he said.  We agreed and thanked him and as he got up and walked away he put on a religious coat made of white. It turns out he was a clergy member.

As we drove into the mountains, the girl I was with was revealed to be my ex-gf. I was happy to have her with me but she quickly reminded me of why we didn’t work out. She was trying to flirt with the clergy man/cab driver. She craved attention.

This must have been the future because the car was on autopilot and it was navigating some seriously curvy dirt roads. The drivers seat would spin to the right and all four seats basically could face the center. There was a two seat bench against the wall in the back where two other guys I didn’t know sat. They were young and thin and middle eastern in appearance.

The dream ended before I had a chance to explore the Holy sites. But the explosion of warmth and connection I felt midway through the dream was very memorable.

If you look at some of the cathedrals in this Italian Holy Cathedral slide show you will see what was in my dream.

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